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Mexican red-haired tarantula
Mexican red-haired tarantula
One of the most beautiful spiders.
Type: Arthropods
Class: Arachnids
Order: Spiders
Family: Bird-eating spiders
Genus: Brachypelma
Species: Mexican red-haired tarantula
General Settings
  • The habitat is wet tropical forests of Central America and southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador.
  • Length- 6-7 cm on the body and up to 16 cm in the" span " of the legs.
  • Weight – up to 100 g.
  • They feed on a variety of insects, can attack small lizards and rodents. In captivity, crickets, cockroaches, larvae of zophobas and flour castaneum.
  • Life expectancy – up to 15 years.

The spider got its name from the bright red hairs covering its abdomen.

Social behavior

Leads a solitary lifestyle. It digs burrows up to two meters deep in the litter under the roots of trees. At the entrance, the edges of the dwelling are entwined with cobwebs and lurk inside waiting for prey. It rarely goes outside — only during periods of high humidity or after rain, when the housing is flooded with water.


Males become sexually mature in 1.5-2 years, females in 2-3 years. After 3-4 months after fertilization, the female weaves a cocoon, which can contain 600-1000 eggs. After about 70 days of incubation, the first spiders appear.

Species and people

The venom of these spiders is not dangerous to human life, but in case of danger, they shed hairs from the abdomen with their legs, causing an allergic reaction.

Interesting Facts

The nature of this spider can change under the influence of molting. Often, a calm individual after molting becomes aggressive and tries to bite and vice versa: a spider with a bad character turns into a very cute and accommodating one.

Optimal conditions for the maintenance of the Mexican spider: temperature 23-28 ° C and a humidity of 70-80%.

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