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Asian black bear
Asian black bear
Agile tree climber, wintering in the hollows of large trees.
Type: Chordates
Class: Mammals
Order: Predatory
Family: Bearish
Genus: Bears
Species: Asian black bear
General Settings
  • They live in the Japanese islands, Maritime region and Khabarovsk region, Korea, the south China, Taiwan, Hainan, Indochina, Afghanistan, Pakistan.
  • The body length is 150-170 cm.
  • The weight of males is 120-140 kg, females 90-120 kg.
  • The main diet – bulbs and roots of plants, berries and fruits of trees and lianas, nuts, acorns, honey, as well as insects, larvae, amphibians. He gets a lot of food from the trees.
  • The life expectancy of 25-30 years.

Himalayan bear, or Ussuri white-breasted bear, or black Himalayan bear, or black Ussuri bear. Favorite places — foothills and river valleys. In summer, these animals stay close to rivers and springs. When they begin to overcome the midges, they often sleep on nests of broken branches in trees, less often-they climb to wind-blown places — treeless ridges and mountain peaks.

Social behavior

Basically, bears live in family groups, when two adult representatives of their species and their cubs from two litters live in the same territory. They are not inclined to nomadism, they live sedentary. The area of the individual plot is small, about 5-6 km2. The boundaries of the plots are not actively guarded, but they are marked, leaving badass claws on the trees.


The white-breasted bear mates in the summer. Pregnancy lasts 7-8 months (the first 4-5 months – diapause of the fertilized egg). The female usually brings 1-2 cubs from late December to mid-February. Cubs weighing from 300-400 g to 600-700 g develop slowly and even at two months of age are completely helpless.

Species and people

Cases of bear attacks on people take place, however, more often the animal rushes into a stampede, smelling a human smell. In addition, the Himalayan bear is very sensitive to human economic activities (deforestation and the disappearance of old trees) and often becomes a victim of poachers.

Interesting Facts

The Asian black bear's sense of smell is superior to that of dogs.

Asian black bear has the largest ears of the entire bear family.

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