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Raccoon dog
Raccoon dog
The black mask gives the appearance of a raccoon, but it is.
Type: Chordates
Class: Mammals
Order: Predatory
Family: Canids
Genus: Raccoon dogs
Species: Raccoon dog
General Settings
  • The natural habitat of the raccoon dog is forest areas of northeastern Indochina, China, Japan and the Korean Peninsula, the Ussuri region and the Amur region. As a result of acclimatization, the raccoon dog now lives in most of Europe.
  • Body length - 65-80 cm. Tail length - 15-25 cm.
  • Weight - 4-10 kg.
  • The raccoon dog is omnivorous, its diet includes both animal and plant foods.
  • The average life expectancy is up to 10 years.

The black mask that adorns the face of the raccoon dog makes it look like the American raccoon (hence the name), although they are not directly related.

Social behavior

Raccoon dogs live in pairs or small family groups. Each pair has its own hunting territory, the boundaries of which the animals mark with their excrement. Territories often overlap, but neighbors usually get along. The peak of activity is at dusk and at night. They spend the day in shelters - holes (they often occupy holes of foxes and badgers, including residential ones, driving out the owners).


Pregnancy in females lasts approximately 60 days. There are usually 6-8 puppies in a set, but there are up to 16. Fertility of females depends on their fatness and weather conditions. Puppies are born blind and covered with short soft hair, newborns weigh from 60 to 110 g. Eyes open on the 10th day of life. Lactating puppies lasts about 2 months, although a month after birth, they already start eating solid food. The male takes an active part in feeding and raising young.

Species and people

In Japan, the meat of raccoon dogs is eaten and even considered a delicacy, and fur is used to make brushes and some other things. In a number of Asian countries and the Far East, the fat of this animal is considered healing.

Interesting Facts

The raccoon dog is the only canid species that sleeps in winter.

In case of danger, raccoon dogs do not run away, do not try to defend themselves actively, but they pretend to be dead. They fall to the ground and close their eyes; at this time, the animal can  be taken with bare hands. When danger is over, the dog opens its eyes, sniffs and, making sure that everything around is calm, runs away.

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