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Australian Blue Tree Frog
Australian Blue Tree Frog
One of the largest tree frogs
Type: Chordates
Class: Amphibians
Order: Tailless
Family: Tree frogs
Genus: Australian Tree Frogs
Species: Australian Blue Tree Frog
General Settings
  • The habitat consists of Australia and southern New Guinea.
  • Length-7-15 cm.
  • Weight – up to 50 g.
  • Diet-insects.
  • Life expectancy-up to 15-20 years.

The Australian tree frog has an unusually wide and short head. It has bright green to dark green colour, there are chestnut and turquoise colors. Sometimes small white or golden spots can be seen on the body of the tree frog.

Social behavior

During the day, blue tree frogs are sedentary, becoming active at dusk. During hunting and in moments of danger, they make jumps of up to 2 meters or more.


Breeding occurs during the rainy season, in summer. One clutch can contain 150-300 eggs. After fertilization, they sink to the bottom of the water supply system or reservoir. The laying of eggs takes about two days, and the metamorphosis of the embryos occurs within two to three weeks if favorable conditions are present.

Species and people

Tree frogs are common in suburban and agricultural areas near people. They are often found in toilets, water tanks, and urban sewage treatment tanks.

Interesting Facts

This is the largest representative of the tree frog family.

The female throws eggs with such force that they fly half a meter to the sides.

During the dry season, tree frogs are covered with a cocoon of rejected epidermis and mucus to retain moisture.

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