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Annam walking stick
Annam walking stick
Grotesque appearance makes him a master of disguise.
Type: Arthropods
Class: Insects
Order: The stick insects
Family: The stick insects
Genus: Meteoroid
Species: Annam walking stick
General Settings
  • They live in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand.
  • Body length – 9-12 cm.
  • Weight – up to 50 g.
  • It feeds on leaves.
  • Life expectancy-up to 8 months.

Annam walking stick has narrow, long body, covered with tiny spines.

Social behavior

Annam walking stick leads a nocturnal lifestyle. Inactive during the day. In nature, males are much less common than females.


Annam walking stick are able to reproduce by amphimict (through fertilization of the female by the male) and parthenogenetic (without the participation of the male) methods. The presence of males in the culture makes it possible to get both sexes in the offspring, otherwise only females are born. The mature egg is ejected by the female from the ovipositor with a sharp movement of the abdomen. The eggs are incubated in the forest floor for about two months. The length of the larva that emerged from the egg is 1.5 cm.

Species and people

Annam walking stick are harmless and not capable of biting. But you should take them in your hands carefully, so as not to harm the insect – the limbs of the stick insect are very easily broken off.

Interesting Facts

Compared to adult insects, newborn larvae are agile and fast.

These insects secrete excess water through their mouths, gradually draining the water drop by drop.

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