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the zoo
Valentine's Day
14 February 2022

The last month of winter - it is felt that spring is already on its way.  Where there is spring, there is love.  Especially on such a day, February 14, when Valentine's Day is celebrated.  Therefore, Kharkiv Zoo has prepared a number of master classes especially for St. Valentine's Day.  Our guests this weekend have become real professionals in creating valentines, unusual magnets and postcards with the image of their favorite animals.  In addition, our little and adult friends witnessed the demonstrative feeding of our beautiful Stepanida, and had the opportunity to watch the dinner of majestic lions.

The zoo is a special place where each of us can see how incredibly tender animals, birds and reptiles treat each other.  For example, our white wolves Steel and Sarah.  We can often see how they flirt with each other, run, play and even swear a little, but in jest.  Another one of the cutest couples in our zoo is the lynx Snickers and Sima.  An example of tender care, they constantly lick each other and even sleep side by side.

But our lions Richard and Kira, and Lavrik and Nala have a real matriarchy.  Men in lion families are calm and sociable, but women can show who is the boss in the house.  Another funny couple are the orangutans Flora and Zhora, this couple loves to tactilely show their feelings and gently care for each other.  And of course, the camels Natasha and Sasha became the main couple of this winter, who multiplied their love and gave a wonderful baby to the joy of all of us.  Love conquers all.