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Feeding Show

Shows of feedings are a great opportunity to learn more about our foster-animals. In particular, about their habits of eating food and gastronomic preferences. And since the animals know the feeding time perfectly, their activity increases significantly  before it.

How does it all work? The zoo keeper who takes care of these animals,  gives food at a fixed time. Usually, it is given in small portions and with an individual approach. For example, raccoons can take food from their hands and actively rinse it in the water before eating, pelicans and cormorants catch fish on the fly and swallow instantly, and foxes, corsacs and fennecs eat only part of the food - thrifty animals make hiding places where they put the remains of food ...

The demonstration feeding is accompanied by detailed comments from the keeper regarding the pet's own actions and habits. It turns out an unusual lecture that will definitely be remembered, because  feeding shows are very spectacular and interesting. Come and see for yourself!