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Modern zoos are not just institutions of educational recreation, the zoo of modernity is an indicator of the development of spirituality and intellectuality of its guests. One of the main tasks of the zoo is to preserve and restore the Earth's biodiversity. At the same time, we all want the zoo, being one of the main attractions of the city, not just to exist, but to develop and become better.

In most developed countries, it is considered very prestigious to provide support and assistance to animals in the form of guardianship, sponsorship or volunteering. Raising the standards of our animals living conditions is a daily task that requires the support of a conscious society. To be a human being means to come to the rescue at the right time and not to be indifferent to all living beings. By our actions, we not only set a good example for the younger generation, but also expand opportunities for the conservation and restoration of the Earth's biodiversity.

In a modern zoo, the collection does not have to be large, it must be well — composed, and most importantly-the animals must feel comfortable. The open partnership creates a strong foundation for the development of the zoo and helps to ensure a happy and healthy life for our animals.

Kharkiv Zoo also plans to launch such programs, and will soon complete their implementation and implementation.