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21 February 2022

A month ago, a remarkable event took place in our zoo - a baby camel was born.  The offspring was acquired by the family of the female Natasha and the male Sasha.  In the early morning of January 21, Natasha once again became a mother - a small male camel was born.

His birth was a kind of sensation, since the birth took place in January, while camels usually have offspring from mid-March to May.  And the fact that the baby's birthday coincided with the day of hugs made him even more charming.

The baby was born, but did not get a name!  A few weeks ago, we entrusted the subscribers of the official pages of Kharkiv Zoo in social networks (Facebook, Instagram) with a pleasant opportunity to offer a name for a camel.  The main condition that was put forward: the nickname must be original and suitable for the baby, it can be associated with the names of the parents, character traits, etc.

We sincerely thank everyone for the activity, creativity, kindness and love that permeated your messages.  Nearly 500 people took part in the action “Let's choose a nickname together”.  Of the proposed options, zoologists chose the 7 best: Tikhon (Tisha), Yasha, Karakumchik, Sean, Aladin, Hardy and Lucky.  Almost every variant of the name was accompanied by an explanation.  For example, Yasha, because dad and mom are Sasha and Natasha, Lucky, because the lucky one lives in the best zoo, and Hardy, because it means brave and contains part of the city's name.  And since it is very difficult to choose one of such amazing nicknames, the final version was determined by chance.  By means of a lottery, our little visitor put a solemn end to this issue.  Eight-year-old Milana chose a "ball" in which was the nickname Tikhon or affectionately - Tisha.  For the celebration of the month since the birth of our little camel received a considerable gift!