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26 March 2022

The oldest zoo in Ukraine is suffering now, from bombing and fighting in Kharkiv!

It had been reconstructed just a few months before the war and it was going to become the safest and most comfortable place for animals, but the war happened and now poor animals are waiting for our help and care. Most of people have escaped from the city to save their lives and families, but the bravest ones are still trying to feed and protect animals, some of zoo-keepers have brought their families and children to the zoo, they prefer rescuing animals to rescuing their own lives! But it is not easy to find food for our animals these days, our monkeys need fruit and vegetables, our predators need meat, etc.

We are doing possible and impossible things at the war to find food for our zoo-friends. Our wolves can howl with alarm sirens now and our hearts are being torn apart from pain. When we look at our animals’ eyes, we can see fear and sorrow there, but we will do everything to help, feed and protect our zoo world!

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