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the zoo
How to get to the zoo

When is the Zoo open?

Now the zoo is closed for the reconstruction. As soon as the opening date of the zoo is known, you can find out about it on the official information resource of the zoo. Follow the news on our website.

What is the address of the Zoo to enter in the navigator?

Address of the zoo: Kharkiv, Sumskaya str., 35

Where is the nearest parking?

The zoo has two parking spaces. From Klochkivska St. (South entrance) and Klochkivska descent (North entrance).

Can a person with disabilities enter the territory of the Zoo by car?

Entry to the territory of the zoo by car is prohibited for all categories of the population.

Where to eat?

Is there a restaurant in the Zoo and when is it open?

There are three restaurants on the territory of the zoo. The schedule of their work, as well as the menu, can be found here.

Is it possible to grill your own food at the Zoo?

Cooking and making a fire on the territory of the zoo are strictly prohibited.

Is it possible to eat your own food in the Zoo's interior?

The interior is not intended for eating.


When does the animal feed take place?

Feeding of most species occurs in the first half of the day. The exception is twilight animals. Some species receive food several times a day.

What time is the best time to see animals?

Animals choose where to stay: in front of visitors or in a cozy shelter, in an open aviary or indoors. But most likely to see the animals during feeding.

What animals can you see in winter?

The collection of Kharkiv Zoo presents animals that feel good in our climate all year round. Therefore, during a visit to the zoo in winter, you will be able to see most of the species. The exception is animals that fall into winter sleep, such as brown and Himalayan bears.

Can I feed or pet animals?

Feeding animals or trying to touch or stroke them in any way are prohibited in all exhibition areas, except for the "Children's Zoo" zone. In the exhibition "Children's Zoo", which our young children are engaged in, you can feed the animals, pet them and get a lot of pleasant emotions from communicating with our pets.

Are there any polar bears, giraffes or elephants in the Zoo?

Yes. The collection of  Kharkiv Zoo is very interesting and diverse. You can get acquainted with the species diversity here.

Where do animals get to the zoo?

Animals get the zoo in several ways:

- from other zoos on exchange programs;

- thanks to national and international animal breeding programs;

- due to the breeding of animals within the walls of our zoo;

- rarely-we buy animals.

Do animals have names?

Yes, animals have names. Basically, they are given by keepers-employees who take care of the animal.

During a visit to the Zoo

Where can I find a map of the Zoo?

A map of the zoo can be found here and on the information stands located on the territory of the zoo, in particular at the entrance.

Can I book a baby stroller, pushchair or wheelchair?

The zoo does not provide such services.

Can I bring my own bike or scooter?

Adult visitors travel on foot. For safety reasons, the movement of all vehicles is prohibited. This applies to rollers, scooters, bicycles, skateboards, monowheels, gyrometers and Segway. But children's bicycles, scooters, sleds are allowed.

Can I take my dog with me?

Taking pets to the zoo is strictly prohibited.

Can I take photos of animals and post my own photos?

For personal purposes, yes. Especially successful, funny pictures send us to the address (e-mail) and we will publish them on the official pages of the zoo in social networks.

Where is smoking allowed in the Zoo?

The zoo is a smoke-free zone. Smoking is prohibited in the zoo.

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