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Here you can touch animals

Not only to watch the animals, but also to touch them - is it a dream? For visitors of Kharkiv Zoo, this is a reality. After all, our Children's Zoo is an amazing place to communicate with the world of animals.

There are rabbits, goats, guinea pigs, prairie dogs, parrots, owls and many other animals that you can not only watch. Both small and adult visitors can pet, play, and even feed the animals.

We care about your safety. So communication with our animals is under control of the keepers. The animals are vaccinated and regularly undergo veterinary examinations.


In order for communication with animals to leave only pleasant emotions, during your stay in the Children's Zoo, we ask you to adhere to the following rules:

- if you are going to visit us, leave your pets at home.

- it is very warm and clean here. Please leave your outer clothing and put  your shoe covers on.

- colorful balloons can scare animals and interfere with your communication with them. Don't take the balloons to the Children`s  Zoo. The same applies to oversized bags.

- if you are allergic to animals, visiting the zoo can negatively affect your health. Think about it.

- children's curiosity has no limits. Watch out for the children, so that they do not harm themselves or our smaller brothers while communicating with the animals. Especially young visitors (children under 8 years old) are always welcome to visit accompanied by adults.

- do you want to pet the animal or take it in your arms? Please do this with the permission and under the supervision of the zoo staff.

- the diet of animals in the zoo is varied and balanced. Therefore, you can only feed the animals with specially prepared food. Food brought from home, no matter how delicious, is not suitable for animals.

- residents of the Contact Zoo are friendly and non – aggressive. But keep in mind the precautions: do not put your face close to the animals, do not put your fingers through the cage net, do not lean on  the structures of the cages.

- photos with our wards are always unsurpassed. Turn off the flash before taking a picture. Animals like to be photographed, but they do not like camera flash.


The contact courtyard is a place where you will feel like an integral part of the world of wildlife. The small animal kingdom is dominated by its own sounds, smells, and sensations. Touching a rabbit, listening to a parrot singing, looking  into the eyes of an owl  will give you unforgettable emotions.


Animals from the tactile group are non-aggressive and  happy to make contact with people. Try not to frighten the animals with loud noises, sudden movements or other actions that can harm the mental and physical condition of the animals. Despite the benevolence of our wards, they remain wild animals with their own characteristics of character and behavior. Therefore, follow the safety rules. And a pleasant experience is guaranteed!